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Getting Married in Egypt


According to Egyptian law, in order for non-Egyptians to undertake a legal marriage in Egypt, they need to conduct a civil marriage at the Foreigners' Marriage Office at the Ministry of Justice. The non-Egyptian party to the marriage is required to present a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI) issued by their embassy in Egypt.

The Foreigners' Marriage Office requires further information that is not included in the CNI; accordingly, the applicant signs a Statutory Declaration including the required information and the Embassy issues a letter based on the applicant's declaration.

To obtain a CNI, the applicant needs to attend the Embassy in Cairo, at a prearranged appointment time (refer to “Booking an appointment” below), present his/her Australian passport, and sign an application form and a statutory declaration.

Applicant needs to obtain the CNI from the Embassy for it to be accepted by the Egyptian Ministry of Justice. There is no need to obtain the CNI or a Single Status Certificate from Australia.

The fees are as follows:

  • English CNI: AUD 140 (optional – not required by the Egyptian Government)
  • Arabic CNI: AUD 140
  • Witnessing of signature on the statutory declaration: AUD 70
  • Issuing an additional document based on the statutory declaration: AUD 70
  • Total: AUD 280 (or AUD 420 including the English CNI)


Fees must be paid in Egyptian Pounds according to the exchange rate at the time of payment.

The CNI is issued within two working days from the time of lodging the application. You will then need to have it authenticated by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

You may approach the Foreigners’ Marriage Office for further information on the requirements for performing civil marriage. Their contact details are as follows:

Address: 3 Lazoughli Square, Ministry of Justice's new building, Cairo

Tel: (+202) 2795 3587

Further information regarding overseas marriage and its recognition in Australia is available at this link.


Divorced females

Under Sharia Law, a divorced female can only remarry after 3 months have passed from the date of her divorce. The date of the divorce is the latest date stated on an Australian divorce certificate issued by the appropriate judicial authority (i.e. when the divorce became absolute), and NOT a religious divorce certificate.


Booking an appointment

The Embassy works on an appointment basis for all notarial services, including CNI applications. To book an appointment to lodge your CNI application, click here