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Development Cooperation





The Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) is a small grants program that is available on a not-for-profit basis to community groups and NGOs engaged in development activities in Egypt, Sudan and Eretria. DAP focuses on small-scale development projects that can provide direct benefits to those most in need in the local community.

The Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) supports projects that focus on:
• alleviating poverty
• enhancing community health and education
• developing small-scale infrastructure
• supporting rural development
• raising the standard of living, especially of disadvantaged groups, including by improving their access to opportunities for economic activity, decision-making, and social and cultural participation and inclusion.

We will look for projects that:
• Are participatory in nature, and have involved the beneficiaries in the identification, design and management of the project
• Address the needs of vulnerable or disadvantaged groups, including women, children and the disabled
• Address poverty alleviation, community health, environment and education, human rights, rural development or gender equality. We may also consider disaster relief operations
• Have a lasting developmental outcome, either by creating infrastructure or building sustainable human or organisational capacity
• Can be completed within one year, or a maximum of two years.

We will not support projects such as:
• Those for the purchase of vehicles
• Those for any activities that cannot demonstrate a direct developmental outcome, as listed above
• Micro-finance projects or micro-credit schemes that involve a return of money
• Those involving payment for items of a recurrent nature, such as staff salaries, office rental and utility costs, spare parts, supplies, routine maintenance or repairs.

For more information please see Advice for Applicants document.


Eligibility for funding

  • Projects that aim to improve development or humanitarian outcomes in Egypt, Sudan and Eretria are eligible to apply for funding.
  • Activities can run up to a maximum of two years (please specify your intended length in your form).   
  • The Australian Embassy welcomes any project applications, but this year priority will be given to projects focusing on four themes that we consider particularly important to development outcomes:
  •  Gender equality, people with disabilities, women empowerment and access to job opportunities.
  • The maximum available funding is AUD$60,000 for any one project. 


Selection Criteria

We are looking for proposals that:

  • will have an impact in the community that can be measured
  • can be scaled so that they will reach even more people in future
  • are sustainable even after DAP funding has finished and are supported by the local community
  • will be run by a team that has demonstrated capacity
  • are creative and innovative


Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) Grants

The 2018-19 Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) Grants Round seeks applications for projects that enhance Australia's economic, cultural and social relations with the Arab world.  The projects can take place in either Australia or the Arab world, but must have an Australian partner. Applications for 2018-19 round open 5 February 2018.

For more information on key dates and how to apply please click here


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Australian Aid

The Australian Government\'s overseas aid program is improving the lives of millions of people in developing countries. Australia is working with the governments and people of developing countries to deliver aid where it is most needed and most effective.

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